Painted Hills

Painted Hills

Painted Hills in Martinsville, Indiana, offers a picturesque lifestyle nestled amidst lush landscapes. This charming neighborhood is renowned for its expansive lakes—Lake Holiday and Lake Nebo—which have become focal points for relaxation and recreation. Lake Holiday, spanning about 150 acres, and the smaller Lake Nebo offer excellent fishing opportunities, with species such as bass, bluegill, and crappie thriving in their waters.

Residents of Painted Hills enjoy a wealth of amenities that enhance the community vibe. The neighborhood boasts a clubhouse with a restaurant and bar, providing a social hub for events and gatherings. For sports enthusiasts, the area is equipped with tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts and a well-maintained swimming pool open from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The presence of picnic areas and playgrounds makes it an ideal locale for family outings and community interaction.

Social life in Painted Hills is vibrant, with numerous community-driven events throughout the year. Activities such as fishing tournaments, live music sessions, and holiday-themed events like Easter Egg Hunts and Trunk or Treat foster a strong sense of community. These gatherings are not just fun; they knit the community closer, creating lifelong friendships and memories.

The association also emphasizes environmental beauty and maintenance, ensuring that the lakes and common areas are preserved and accessible to all residents. With over 630 members, Painted Hills is more than just a place to live—it’s a community where each member can find tranquility and enjoyment in a serene setting.

This neighborhood not only promises a peaceful residential experience but also offers all the conveniences needed for modern living, all within the beautiful confines of nature’s landscape in Martinsville.