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When considering concrete leveling, Indianapolis homeowners need to think about quite a bit. Both residential property owners need to consider the most cost-effective, efficient solution. You also need to think about your reasons for seeking out these services, whether you opt for mudjacking, or polyurethane foam injection.

Are you considering concrete leveling to simply revitalize the aesthetics of your premises? Do you need greater repairs to improve the structural integrity of your slabs? No matter your reasons, the results will last for years.

Concrete leveling can cure in a relatively short period, but the results will last a lot longer. You’ll want to enlist a team that’s been trusted for years and is backed by a wealth of testimonials from happy customers.

That’s where EcoLift Concrete Leveling LLC can help. Reach out to learn more about our methods.

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Fixing Uneven Concrete Through Polyurethane Foam Injection Technology

This foam will carefully close gaps within the concrete slab’s surface. Following surface preparation, the concrete will be strategically lifted and leveled. The application is fast and efficient, while the results last much longer.

Here are some reasons to consider this option:

  • The foam is high-density and more expansive: Foam lifting will fill voids and get rid of stress points beneath the concrete. It cures faster than mudjacking, and will effectively mitigate the chance of cracks or damage.
  • Foam leveling is minimally invasive: It only needs to be injected through small holes to take effect. Experienced specialists can drill these holes into your slabs, doing minimal damage to them or the surrounding landscaping. It will expand between the surface, addressing the causes of sunken concrete at the source.
  • Leveling is more environmentally friendly: You won’t have to send your slabs to a landfill or worry about disruptive actions or destructive chemicals disturbing the soil settlement.
  • Lifting foam is water resistant: You won’t have to worry about your polylifting results being washed away by precipitation.

In addition to concrete leveling, this foam mix will also fill voids, stabilize surfaces, and seal up leaks. Polyfoam has multiple applications, all of them able to effectively fix up your foundation. Just reach out to learn more.

Providing Mudjacking Leveling Services

Is there not a lot of soil movement that needs to be accounted for? Can you afford to wait a few days for your concrete leveling to cure? If so, mud jacking might be an option worth considering for your project.

It has several situational drawbacks that make us less inclined to recommend it over polyfoam — for example, it can be messier than polyurethane foam, and won’t respond to the root causes as well as foam. But mudjacking is still more environmentally and economically friendly than replacing your slabs outright.

Our professionals can use this method to help with all sorts of concrete surfaces. These include:

  • Pool decks
  • Floor slabs
  • Sidewalks
  • Roadways
  • Stairs/steps
  • Parking spots
  • Sunrooms
  • Patios

Whether you opt for mud jacking or foam jacking, our trusted professionals will provide your best shot at perfecting the job!

Eco-friendly Solutions with EcoLift Concrete Leveling LLC

Our foam can fix up your concrete and have it look as good as new in days! Work with us and make sure the work is done right.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is concrete leveling worth it?

Yes, concrete leveling is worth it, as long as your slabs aren’t in too much disrepair. You can also have it done at a fraction of replacement costs.

2. Which is better, mudjacking vs. foam?

When it comes to mudjacking vs. foam, both are better than replacing new slabs altogether. But foam concrete leveling is less messy, less invasive, and quicker to cure than mud-jacking concrete. 

3. How long does concrete leveling last?

Concrete leveling in Indianapolis and elsewhere can last for decades to come. That’s why it’s so important to enlist a team you can trust to get it right!