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Does your driveway or patio have unsightly cracks or unlevel slabs? A polyurethane foam injection can correct the positioning of your slabs and become the basis of concrete leveling in Columbus, IN. EcoLift Concrete Leveling LLC specializes in this home improvement project and can keep your concrete surfaces even, safe, and presentable. 

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Why Columbus Property Owners Need Concrete Lifting

Concrete surfaces, from your home’s foundation to the sidewalk lining your street, can settle and sink into the ground due to changes in your soil settlement. This typically depends on the moisture level beneath the ground. If a pipe leaks underground and starts to saturate the soil, it becomes less stable, and concrete slabs may sink. 

Columbus experiences a range of weather patterns, so it’s possible that heavy rain or snow could also seep into the soil and impact where concrete slabs lay. Moisture isn’t the only reason for this issue. If trees surround any of your outdoor concrete features, the roots may extend to the concrete and displace the soil supporting the slab. 

Proven Solutions for Concrete Leveling in Columbus, IN

Our experts deploy foolproof methods for concrete leveling in Columbus, IN, and the surrounding areas. The traditional technique known as mudjacking involves drilling large holes into the slab and placing a cement slurry into the hole until the slab expands to its correct position.

We primarily use polyurethane foam injection technology to repair sunken concrete slabs. Property owners in Bartholomew County benefit from this method because it’s one of the most eco-friendly solutions available. Polyurethane foam preserves the structural integrity of the slab so you can have a level surface that supports the weight of cars, foot traffic, and more.

We recommend poly leveling because of the following advantages:

  • Fast cure times
  • Water resistance that prevents future erosion
  • Long-lasting results

Contact our specialists to discuss your needs and discover how we can improve your sunken surfaces with state-of-the-art polyleveling.

The Benefits of Concrete Leveling

At EcoLift Concrete Leveling LLC, we take pride in helping countless property owners transform their damaged concrete surfaces without the hassle of replacing the slab. Concrete leveling provides ample benefits including:

  • Increased safety: You no longer have to navigate tripping hazards when you invest in concrete leveling in Columbus, IN. We’ll safely expand the sunken slab so you can walk along the sidewalk, patio, or driveway without any dips in the surface.
  • Curb appeal: Damaged concrete features diminish your property’s curb appeal and will also impact your property value. Let our experts improve the visual appeal of your surfaces with a seamless leveling project.
  • Soil protection: The polyurethane foam we use not only lifts your concrete slab but preserves the soil underneath so you won’t face future erosion issues. Have peace of mind when you book this service and enjoy long-lasting results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a lot of inquiries from Columbus locals who are curious about concrete lifting. Get answers to some of their most common questions below. 

How Long Does a Concrete Leveling Project Take?

Most projects using foam injections take less than a day to complete, while mudjacking can take two to three days because of its slower cure time. 

How Much Does a Concrete Lifting Project Cost?

The average concrete leveling cost depends on the type of method experts use and the amount of damage your surface has. Mudjacking costs between $3 and $6 per square foot, while poly leveling costs anywhere from $5 to $25 per square foot. 

Can You Lift a Concrete Slab Yourself?

No, experts advise against DIY concrete leveling in Columbus, IN. Professionals have the proper tools and expertise to achieve the results you want.