The Benefits of Sidewalk Concrete Leveling in Bloomington, IN

Ask the experts at EcoLift Concrete Leveling LLC about the benefits of sidewalk concrete leveling in Bloomington, IN, and they’ll tell you that the use of polyurethane foam serves as a major advantage. Discover what each polyurethane foam injection involves and how it makes for an easier concrete leveling process. 

Why You Might Need a Sidewalk Leveling Service in Bloomington

Any concrete slab, whether it’s your home’s foundation or the sidewalks that line your street, can face damage due to moisture and soil erosion. A pipe may leak beneath the ground or precipitation can settle into the soil and cause the concrete to shift. It’s also possible for pests to produce a sunken concrete sidewalk as they dig into the soil supporting the slab. 

The Positive Impact of Sidewalk Concrete Leveling

What are the benefits of sidewalk concrete leveling in Bloomington, IN? Investing in this service not only makes the walkway even and more presentable, but it comes with the following advantages:

  • Increased safety: Pedestrians can easily trip while walking on uneven concrete sideways and injure themselves. Bloomington residents and municipalities potentially face hefty legal fees if someone injures themself on the sidewalk and sues the liable property owner. 
  • Higher property value: Having an uneven sidewalk outside your home can lower your curb appeal. Fixing its appearance will grant you the benefits of sidewalk concrete leveling in Bloomington, IN, as mentioned above, along with a higher property value. Boosting your curb appeal is an easy and affordable way to increase your overall property value. 
  • Water drainage: Sunken concrete sidewalks have a higher risk of water pooling on the surface. Standing water attracts pests to the area and causes structural damage as the moisture continues to erode the soil. 

How Polyurethane Foam Facilitates Concrete Leveling

You don’t have to pay for a concrete replacement in order to reap the safety benefits of sidewalks. A simple type of concrete repair involves injecting polyurethane foam into the cracked surface and stabilizing it.

Experts begin by preparing the site and drilling holes into the slab. They then inject the foam into the holes where it will begin as a liquid and quickly harden into a high-density foam that expands and lifts the sunken slab. Polyurethane foam penetrates the soil below the sidewalk so the concrete has a stable foundation that will no longer erode. 

The process ends by filling the holes to the top and removing any excess foam along the sidewalk. Uneven sidewalks can undergo complete repairs quickly since the foam cures in about 30 minutes. Once that time passes, the surface is ready for immediate use. 

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